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Replace your old elevator with a brand new one

A completely new kind of user experience that adds value by making your building future proof and more desirable. Learn why replacing your elevator in full is well worth it.


Full replacement is the best option if your elevator is 25 years old or more, is often out of order, takes a long time to travel between floors, and has a small, cramped car and heavy manual doors that make it difficult for some people to access and use.


Replacing your elevator increases the value of your building, reduces running costs, improves comfort for residents, and – with KONE – is a hassle-free process.

Key specifications for KONE full replacement elevators

SolutionDescriptionMachine Room
Max. TravelMax. Speed
Max. load /personsMax. group size
KONE MonoSpace® DX
Versatile machine room-less passenger elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildingsNo
90 m or 36 floors3.0 m/s
2,500 kg/up to 33 persons6
KONE NanoSpace™A space-efficient solution for full elevator replacement projects in residential buildings.No
40 m or 16 floors1.0 m/s
630 kg/up to 8 persons2
KONE CombiSpace™
A practical solution for full elevator replacement projects in residential buildings.
40 m or 16 floors1.0 m/s
575 kg/up to 7 persons3
KONE MiniSpace™ DX
High-speed passenger elevator with compact machine room for mid and high-rise residential and commercial buildings.Yes210 m or 63 floors4.0 m/s
2,000 kg/up to 26 persons8
KONE TranSys™ DX
Powerful durable machine room-less goods elevator with connectivity for enviroments with demanding goods flow requirements
40 m or 12 floors1.6 m/s5,000 kg/up to 53 persons

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